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“Coming as I do from the lowest order, I know that what is the value of education. The problem of raising the lower order is deemed to be economic. This is a great mistake. The problem of raising the lower order in India is not to feed them, to clothe them and to make them serve the higher classes as the ancient ideal of this country. The problem of the lower order is to remove from them that inferiority complex which has stunted their growth and made them slaves to others, to create in them the consciousness of the significance of their lives for themselves of which they have been cruelly robbed of by the existing social order. Nothing can achieve this purpose except the spread of higher education. This is in my opinion the panacea of our social troubles.”

(Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar at Milind Mahavidyalaya, Aurangabad, 1951)

Nalanda Academy is an Education Resource Centre based at a Buddha Vihar in Wardha, Maharashtra.We train students from marginalised communities to pursue quality higher education. We also run Nalanda Abhiyan Labs to promote scientific temper among rural school children and to acquaint them with emerging technologies. As part of our Community Outreach Program, we have established 14 Abhiyan Libraries in different villages in across India.

We do not charge any tuition fees, and we provide scholarships to deserving students. For our activities we raise financial resources from individuals who believe in empowerment through education.

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Nalanda Academy
We offer a 10 months Foundation Course for students from rural and non-English medium backgrounds to prepare for various Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programmes. In the last 6 years, over 300 of our students have been selected in premier universities in India and abroad. At present 250 students from 15 states are training with us.   

Nalanda Abhiyan Labs
We run a state-of-the-art Science and Technology Lab at Wardha to train students from marginalised background in cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Visualisation/Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Physical Computing, Robotics, 3-D Printing, and Game/App design. We also conduct Science workshops for rural schools.

Abhiyan Libraries
Babasaheb envisioned Buddha Vihars as knowledge and community resource centres. To fulfil his vision and to provide conducive learning environment with quality study material for rural students, we have so far set up 14 libraries in different Buddha Vihars across the country with the active support from the local communities.

Abhiyan Humane
Abhiyan Humane
(1976 – 2019)

Abhiyan Humane is the founder of Nalanda Labs, Wardha. He believed in promoting scientific temper and rational thoughts for empowering the marginalised. His confidence in the power of curiosity and imagination of the young minds was even more.
Since 2015, he became a pillar of support to the Nalanda Academy, devoting his time and resources.

He brought together his academic and professional background of engineering, new media, political communication, and information science to mentor Nalanda students in Science, Design and Technology.
Abhiyan studied and worked in the United States in Arts-Science-Technology and Innovation for over a decade.

Before joining Nalanda Academy full time in 2018, he was a Faculty/Artist at Shristi Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.
He was many things – teacher, storyteller, mentor, artist, scientist, changemaker, spaceman. But most of all he exemplifies an idea which continues to inspire us.


The Nalanda Academy (Insight Multipurpose Society) has recently registered as a publishing house. We have two imprints – ‘The New Vehicle’ and the ‘Tribal Intellectual Collective India’. The first cuts across theoretical domains and the second publishes cutting edge theory in collaboration with the Tribal Intellectual Collective India.
Our Published Titles
1. Social Work: Lectures on Curriculum and Pedagogy by bodhi s.r

2. Thinking the Navayana Way by Mangesh Dahiwale
Upcoming Titles
1.    The Federation of Khasi States: History, Epistemology and Politics by John F. Kharshiing, bodhi s. ranee
2.  Land, Words and Resilient Cultures: The Ontological basis of Tribal Identity , Edited by bodhi s.r, raile r. ziipao

Alumni Success Stories

Komal Mangar, MA, Women’s Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Class of 2019

Chetan Kant, MA, Disability Studies and Action, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Class of 2020


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