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Suresh Kumar, Bachelor of Arts (Spanish), Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, Class of 2021

I am from Rajasthan. I belong to a small village (Tapra) of Barmer District, a rural and backward area of Rajasthan. My father is a farmer and mother is a housewife. We are three brothers and a sister. My family’s economic condition is not good. I have completed my 10+2 in Hindi medium from village.

I don’t have enough words to express my feelings about Nalanda. I have started my life from Nalanda.  I used to get up in the morning just to attend lectures of Sir (Mr. Anoop Kumar). The lectures were very interesting and innovative. I have learned everything from Nalanda. Nalanda Academy is a family for me. Sir treats us like as an elder brother or a friend. If I had not come to Nalanda, then I would not have been here today. We can achieve everything when we have a teacher like Sir.

Nalanda taught me that everything is possible. I am pursuing my graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi. I am here because of Nalanda. That was a platform for me. I am not good in English. When I came to Nalanda my educational level was not good but when I left Nalanda, I realized that I have learned many things. Because of that, today I am studying in one of the top universities of India. 

Nalanda is a name of possibilities. Nalanda has changed my life. I am here in JNU because of Nalanda. I am lucky that I have a teacher like Mr. Anoop Kumar. In rural areas, there is little awareness about higher education.Nalanda teaches us how to get into higher education. Thank you very much, Sirji. Everything is possible because of you.

Jyotirao Wankhede ( Master of Science, Climate Change and Sustainability Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai ) Class of 2019

I belong to a very small town in Nagpur district called Bhugaon. The village has historically been very poor and educationally backward. My family always been fond of and in favour of higher education, to seek emancipation from the socio-economic backwardness. In order to get quality education, my elder brother admitted me to block level Semi-English medium school which was 10 km from my town. I did my Bachelor in Hospitality Studies, from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik. Currently, I am pursuing my post graduation at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

I knew Nalanda since its beginning but my brother Kapil Wankhede explained to me it’s true values and the plethora of its ability to forge students like us into sharp knowledge production weapons. Kapil bhau kept me and my family updated about it since the establishment. Literally speaking, about the experiences at Nalanda, the space provided in portal would be less to write. But this is true we have been through the very challenging and motivating path at Nalanda. Having hospitality/hotel management background would not help me in gathering extra curricular knowledge about the outside world. But Nalanda, Sirji, Kapil Bhau, Sapna Tai, and all my friends played a very significant role in helping me to accumulate the same. We are very fortunate and proud to be the part of Nalanda.

Nalanda played a very significant role and provided a helping hand helping me to grow personally and professionally. As a student of management studies, it has been a very difficult path to get through it. However, Nalanda made it possible to enter in such a premier institute. I have realized that if I had not been through Nalanda Academy, my first year of post-graduation would be doubly tough it with the terminology and jargon used by professors in the lecture.The professors used strong and horrible terminologies, enough to make one frightened and curse oneself to enter into such an institute. But through Nalanda, I have been familiar enough with those terminologies and it helped me to survive and get through the ocean full of unknown people, faculties and different number of things. I never dreamt of studying far away from my hometown and in one of the most popular universities in the country. I was never aware of the courses that central universities have. However, Nalanda gave me and to a lot of students wings to fly in the sky full of opportunities. 

I can see, feel and be mesmerized by the changes in myself. The changes here I refer to are of higher education, ambitions and professional development. Every post, event, and student of Nalanda made me feel inspired. I have friends who are  abroad for their higher studies, some of them are in good organisation doing their jobs and growing professionally, they have always inspired me for higher dreams. Nalanda Abhiyan Labs and The Path, the magazine motivated me and gave me the platform to utilize my knowledge.

3. Chetan Kant ( Master of Arts, Disability Studies and Action, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) Class of 2020

I belong to the village of Panigaon, Kalahandi district of Orissa. My family background is very poor and my parents are no more right now. I have been facing financial problems since the death of my parents. There were  some friends from Orissa studying in Nalanda ,they told me about Nalanda Academy. I had also seen the improvements in Nalanda on social media and I got more inspired after seeing all activities of Nalanda academy and I decided to study.

Nalanda Academy was a turning point of my life. When I was in my village I was not serious about higher education and I did not know  how to study. Also I did not know the value of education. On the first day in Nalanda I got more inspired after hearing Anoop Sir’s speech. Before coming to Nalanda, I could not study for more than 2 hours but in Nalanda academy I had to study 4 hours without a break. It was difficult for me in the beginning but later it was turned into  a habit. I got more confident and day by day, I improved. Nalanda is an experience I will never forget because it gave me a lot of pleasure and a beautiful friend circle along with a responsible teacher.

Nalanda academy has been helping me since I entered into Nalanda. Because of contribution of Nalanda and Anoop Sir I am able to study in India’s prominent institute and I think I am a lucky person and proud to be a part of Nalanda academy. Nalanda academy not only helped me in academic life but it also helped me financially for my admission and personally also. There are many students from Nalanda pursuing higher study in top institute across India and foreign country so I am inspired. I can easily get any important information regarding study and other information. Nalanda is my parent and future for upcoming boys and girls.

Minal Madavi (Master of Arts in Children and Family, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai)Class of 2020

I am from Nagpur. I am an only child of parents and especially a girl child. My father passed away 2 year ago but 10 years ago, he left me and my mother so from that time my mother is only support of my life and inspiration of my life.I completed my education till graduation in Marathi medium. To help my mother I started working part time from first year of my graduation till I came to  Nalanda. One of my friends told me about The Nalanda Academy in 2017. When I failed the TISS entrance exam for the second time, my cousin brother insisted that I meet Anoop sir and start coaching. My dream was to come in TISS but I did not know about the current way to go.Nalanda gave me that way.

There were a number of people from different states and regions.I learnt many things from everyone. I experienced a feeling of belongingness and unity here. In Nalanda Academy, I learnt the real meaning of education, the importance of higher education and proper use of that education. Earlier I was unable to crack the TISS NET exam. However, in 2018 I have cleared TISS National Entrance Test, Post Graduate Diploma-Water Sanitation and Hygiene and Central Universities Common Entrance Test as well. Nalanda has made me efficient in academics. Personally also, it gives me a feeling of family and belongingness where I can share my problems, I can share my experience and where I can get a solution and answer to every question. Presently I am living with small family of Nalanda students in TISS Mumbai and that makes me feel comfortable here, outside my city. I know that the helping hand of Nalanda Academy is always there with us and that is the specialty of Nalanda. It is not just a coaching class, it is a lot more than that. For me “NALANDA is a path of enlightenment”

Komal Mangar (Master of Arts in Women’s Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) Class of 2019

My name is Komal Mangar and I am from a very small village,named Rengatur 65 km from Nagpur city. I took primary education from a government school in Marathi medium. After that, I did my graduation in Commerce from Nagpur University. During my second year of graduation, I took part time job as a policy agent for HDFC Life Insurance company. At that time, my brother had already joined Nalanda. One day, my brother Dipak and Kapil called me and told me about Nalanda and suggested to me to leave the job immediately and join the academy for my higher education. But I refused their proposal because I was not much interested in education at that time. To be very honest I was really scared of mathematics. For a year or so they both tried to convince me to join Nalanda.  Finally, I quit my job and joined Nalanda on 7th August 2016. Thus my golden days started. 

At Nalanda, my experience is unforgettable. From day one, I started learning many things from basics like how to read a newspaper , how to write notes and many academic things. Certainly, I learned more in that one year at Nalanda than my entire fifteen years of schooling. You won’t find a teacher like Anoop Sir anywhere in this world. He is the best teacher I have seen in my life.  At Nalanda, I met many new people, made new friends. Because of that, if I had any problem, whatever it may be, there were and are my Nalandaites friends and Sir to help me, to guide me. Because of Nalanda, my life got a new direction and now I am doing my post graduation from one of the premier institutes in India.

Nalanda taught me a lot of things, especially in academics. Now I have enough  confidence to present in front of my class. Because of reading the editorials at Nalanda, I developed an understanding of many social and other issues.  Now, I can debate on those issues in my class at TISS. These editorials helped me to improve my English. So when I first came to Nalanda, that day Anoop sir was teaching editorial and suddenly Sir asked me, “ What is there in today’s editorial?”  I was completely shocked since that was my first day at the coaching and I did not have any idea about the editorial. I didn’t know what an editorial is. Frightened, I said ‘No Sir’ .  Sir just said, “ Okay. Sit down”. I was really shocked that Sir did not say anything to me, did not even give me an angry look. That was quite a surprise for me, based on my previous student-teacher experience. I have never seen this before and that’s why  I decided from that day on to study hard. Nalanda gave me that confidence and the spirit. With that, I overcame my anxieties and inferiority complex. So Nalanda gave a whole new purpose to my life. Now Nalanda is not only an academy but a second home for me. Thank you very much, Anoop sir.