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Established 15 rural community libraries, since March 2019, in the loving memory of Abhiyan Humane, Founder, Nalanda Labs, Wardha

Most of these community libraries are hosted at different Buddha Vihars as Babasaheb Ambedkar envisioned these to be our knowledge resource centres. These libraries provide conducive learning environment with quality study material including school textbooks, story books, and books for competitive exams along with arts and craft material for the local students.  

List of the Libraries

  1. Dhammek Buddha Vihar, Sewagram, Wardha
  2. Shravasti Buddha Vihar, Rotha, Wardha
  3. Triratna Buddha Vihar, Dahegaon (Miskin), Wardha
  4. Triratna Buddha Vihar, Dahegaon, Wardha
  5. Bahujan Buddha Vihar, Anji Mothi, Wardha
  6. Dhyanjyoti Buddha Vihar, Dhanora, Wardha
  7. Jetvan Buddha Vihar, Kamthi, Wardha
  8. Nalanda Buddha Vihar, Khairi, Wardha
  9. Vishakha Buddha Vihar, Paloti, Wardha.
  10. Ramai Buddha Vihar, Station Fail, Wardha
  11. Jetwan Buddha Vihar, Yelakeli, Wardha
  12. Pawar Nagar Buddha Vihar, Thane
  13. Ramai Buddha Vihar, Lakhauli, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh
  14. Gautam Buddha Vihar, Rajkot, Gujarat
  15. Community Library, Dongargaon Sundari, Gondia 

Our target is to establish 50 Abhiyan Libraries across the country