Located in a Buddha Vihara in Wardha, Nalanda Abhiyan Labs is an experimental space for the students to explore the intersections of Art-Science-Technology

Founded by Late Abhiyan Humane in 2018, the Labs offers free space and training to the young students to explore frameworks like Scratch to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Sensors, Physical Computation among other hardware and software platforms. It also conducts school workshops on artificial intelligence, physical computing, robotics and coding for the rural students.


Lab Projects

Nalanda Abhiyan Labs offers its space to young Science and Tech graduates to undertake interdisciplinary projects to interact with emergent technologies and ideas. Some of the projects are as follows: Face Recognition,  Smart Headgear, Gesture Controlled Arm, working with 3D Printer, use of UAV for Image Analysis and Mapping and building Ultrasound Radar.

Our upcoming projects are Quantifying the Body, use of neuro-sensors, BP sensors for rural healthcare, smart walking stick/app for the visually challenged.

Science & Technology Workshops for School Students

Since its inception, the Labs has conducted over 20 school workshops and 3 summer (one month long) workshops to train over 2000 school children in emerging technologies. Some of the workshops held are as follows:  

Bhagirath Bhaskar High School (Bhandara), Thakare Adivasi Ashram School (Waigaon), Parivartan Mission School (Vikramshila Nagar) and Dr. Ambedkar Vidyalaya (Wardha).


To provide mentorship and international exposure, the Labs run an Artist-in-Residence program.

Marc Lee, a Swiss New-Media artist, was our first Artist-in-Residence (in 2019).

During his stay at Nalanda, Marc worked with our students on data and network driven interactive installations that explore and experiment with privacy, fake news detection, digital currency etc.

Nalanda Abhiyan Labs: A Video Introduction