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An Educational Resource Centre based at a Buddha Vihar in Wardha, Maharashtra, for the rural and other underprivileged students

The Academy offers a unique 10 months Foundation Course, to train underprivileged students from non-English medium and rural backgrounds, for admissions in different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in premier universities. Since its inception in 2013, the Academy has successfully trained over 1500 students from 15 states.

The Academy also houses Nalanda Abhiyan Labs to promote scientific temper among school children and to acquaint them with the emerging technologies.  As part of the Community Outreach Program, Nalanda Academy has so far established 15 Abhiyan Community Libraries in different villages.  

As a response to the long interruptions in classroom teaching caused by the COVID pandemic, the Academy launched Digital Nalanda, an online learning platform, in October 2020, which is now catering to over 16,000 students.

The Academy has recently inaugurated the Samyak Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (SCIR). Under this initiative, Nalanda students and alumni will undertake independent research projects on.  

Nalanda Academy is currently also working on the plan of building Nalanda Abhiyan Campus, a residential facility for 300 students by the year 2024.

The Academy offers all its facilities, programs and training to the students free of cost

For all its expenses, the Academy raises financial resources from the individuals who believe in the Ambedkarite path of community empowerment through education

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