Nalanda Lab is a ecosystem to foster and explore the intersections of Art-Science-Technology. Nalanda Lab offers workshops and studios to explore frameworks like Scratch to Arduino, RaspPi, Sensors, Physical Computation among other hardware and software platforms such as Processing.

The ecosystem is designed in a manner that integrates the Arts and Sciences with cognition and hands-on activities that are specifically designed to drive creativity by providing a strong foundation in making and context, in exploring forms and applications, and being radical and experimental in looking at their world.

Nalanda Lab is an experimental space located in a community Buddha Vihara, enmeshed in the local Dalit neighbourhoods of Wardha of rural India.

The lab operates free for students with help from the community.

We also do workshops in schools introducing A.I., Physical Computing, Robotics, Sensors, and Logic and Code.


Projects in the lab are inter-disciplinary and collaborative, bringing together perspectives from different fields of knowledge.  The lab provides a platform to interact and engage with emergent technologies and ideas that are speculative and challenge existing notion of form and aesthetics.

Face Recognition

Smart Headgear

Gesture Controlled Arm

3D Printer

UAV for Image Analysis and Mapping

Ultrasound Radar (Sonar)

Some of the upcoming projects and opportunities..

  • Quantifying the body, use of Neuro-sensors to hack human cognition
  • Bip-sensors, ECG and diagnosis
  • Healthcare in rural areas, smartphones and applications
  • Smart Walking Stick/App for the Visually challenged

Other Projects by our students

  • Game Design on Scratch
  • NFC communication and activation
  • LDR responding Sunflower
  • Musical Instruments using Makey-Makey
  • Key pad activation security
  • UAV using IR sensors


Most of our members are students with various backgrounds and diverse interests. They are trained in different disciplines and have a range of skill sets from hardware, software development, design thinking and fabrication and making.

Abhiyan Humane
Kapil Wankhede
Nalanda Academy
Quantitative Financial Analyst ,Machine + Deep learning enthusiast.
Vikas Bagde
Environmentalist, Designer, Engineer
Sustainable Design, Printing Technologies, Material Science, Energy
Kalyani Gayakwad
Life Science Engineer
Fabrication and Designing, Biotechnology, Sensors
Priyanka Dahilekar
Designer / Engineer
Aeronautics, Robotics
Harshal Shimpi
Research Assistant
ML/AI, Arduino, Robotics
Rashmi Patil
Artificial Intelligence Engineer and Designer
AI, ML, Raspberry Pi, Arduino,Image Processing
Kartik Shende
AR/VR Designer, Youtuber
Skilled in AR/VR, Unity, Arduino, Film making,editing,Photoshop, Photography
Shyanki Sakhare
Technician and PCB designer
Mobile repairing,Raspberry Pi, Arduino
Kunal Patil
Research Assistant
3D printing, Manufacturing, Robotics, IOT
Ashish Shende
Designing, Robotics
Niketan Moon
Research Assistant
ML/AI , Human Interaction with Interfaces Raspi

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Phone: +91 7709907331

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