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The New Vehicle is an Imprint of the Insight Multipurpose Society (IMS). IMS is driven by a sincere desire to deepen people’s theoretical engagement with meaning(s) and truth(s). The New Vehicle endeavours to promote knowledge that is emancipatory in nature and help realize civility in self and society. It aims to further rational thought and humane philosophical discourse through publishing content across varied theoretical domains.
The New Vehicle signifies the moving wheel of change and impermanence, also called annicca in pali. Knowledge and insights are fundamental to this change process. Our publishing house provides space for engaging, experiencing and articulating this annicca.

Published Titles

About the Book

This book constitutes equanimous reflections of the author on various contemporary socio-philosophical issues. Fundamentally grounded on Babasaheb Ambedkar’s methodology, the author theoretically reflects on seven key contextual domains of buddhism in relation to contemporary social realities.  

About the Author

Mangesh Dahiwale is a Navayana Buddhist writer and is the Convener of the Ambedkar Centre for Buddhist Studies, Pune, Maharashtra.

About the Book

The book “Social Work : Lectures on Curriculum and Pedagogy” by bodhi s.r engages with principles, content and teachings methods in social work education. The book begins by tracing social work education’s history and enters key theoretical and conceptual domains that take place between the teacher and the learner.

About the Author

bodhi s.r. is Faculty in the Center for Social Justice & Governance, School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. 

Upcoming Titles

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